This blog post reminded me of the great book, A Man Without Words by Susan Schaller. Very interesting read about language, communication and understanding the world.


What is the Near-Sighted monkey listening to, watching and reading today?

Click on the image above to hear/see “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in American Sign Language and also witness the perfectly timed telephone ring and “hello?” in the background.

Then read….

FROM: Sign Language and the Brain

By Melissa Lee Phillips

….American Sign Language (ASL), for example, is similar to spoken languages such as English, but its meaning is transmitted in a much different way.

Spoken language tends to be processed mainly by the left cerebral hemisphere. When ASL is used, structures in both the left and right hemispheres are activated.

Moreover, spoken language appears to have a critical period when exposure to language is essential for its proper development.

When someone is not exposed to language as a child, it is likely that this person will never fully develop language abilities. Also, if this critical period for language is missed, the left side of the brain will not be devoted to language, as it is in most people.